Affairs: Is Anyone Loyal These Days?

Affairs: Is Anyone Loyal These Days?

I am sure there are several couples who are not in the media who are and will stay loyal to their spouse, and the media always does the best with bringing out the worst, but you start to wonder, is anyone still loyal these days?

After major media coverage of Jon and Kate (Plus Eight) and the missing, but now found Governor of South Carolina (plus many long and forgotten affairs from Mel Gibson, Jen/Brad/Angelina, President Clinton and more), you begin to wonder if every couple has an unhappy ending, celebrity or not.  I know personally that my mom has been married three times and out of each of her marriages, each husband has had an affair with another woman.  Let’s start with Jon and Kate, shall we.

 Jon and Kate who just had their 10 year wedding anniversary on June 12, recently filed for divorce.  There were rumors, although denied by Jon that he was having an affair with 23-year old Deanna Hummel, who is now expected to be on the next season (if continued) of Jon and Kate plus 8 as Jon’s girlfriend – busted!  Jon had mentioned when the couple had filed for divorce that he was deeply saddened, but both agreed that they must do what is best for their children.  According to the tabloids, they must be legally separated for two years before their divorce can be finalized.  Kate will keep their house along with the children and when Jon comes to visit the children, he will stay at the house.   There were also rumors of Kate cheating with the family’s bodyguard, but both Kate and the bodyguard denied those accusations.

The newest big story to hit the news of affairs is South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford.  It had been all over the news in recent days that Sanford went missing and then it was later released that he had gone on a hiking trip and then finally today announced that he had been in Argentina having an affair with a woman who had been a dear friend of his since 2001. He had left for this trip around Father’s day weekend, leaving his wife and sons back in the States while he went to Argentina and “cried”.  The affair with this Argentina woman has just recently happened within the last year and Governor Sanford had seen her around three times.  His wife, first lady Jenny Sanford has known about the affair for the last five months.  The Governor apologized to his wife and sons and resigned as head of the Republican Governors Association.  He was rumored to be a potential candidate for the 2012 elections.

A few days before Governor Sanford admitted to having an affair, another public office member, Republican Senator of Nevada, John Ensign admitted to having an affair with a campaign staffer and apologized to the GOP and resigned from his leadership role.

Thanks to the media, we are constantly seeing negative aspects of life, marital affairs being one of them. It also makes you wonder if this is something that happens quite often and with more than just your average couple.  Or, does it seem to happen more with people who are in the spot light, using reasons of stress or fame for their infidelity?  Either way, the media should focus more on what they want the average American to be like (treat others as you would like to be treated) and start showing couples who have been together for many years and who are still very happy and loving and if for some reason, like Jon and Kate, things start to go downhill, show marriage counseling – anything before infidelity, otherwise what is the point of marriage at all?