Mainstream Media

Mainstream Media

The Death of Objectivity

Perhaps one of the most admirable skills one can have is the ability to look at modern events and happenings with an objective eye. However, today objectivity in discussions seems to be a lost art. Unfortunately, with a mainstream media that cannot emulate such a quality, factored with the enormous viewing rates, today’s media is breeding a whole new level of ignorance.

There is nothing more displeasing than hearing regurgitated opinions that originated from the big news channels. Much to my dismay, this seems to be more and more prominent among all generations. Moreover, it is becoming more and more depressing as time goes on—it reminds me of Dane Cook doing stand up.

It really doesn’t matter what channel you flip to; much like a Jesus convention, there is plenty of bullshit to go around. Today’s broadcasters and news anchors will display a variety of debating skills, including logical fallacies, citing political blogs as credible research, and yelling on national television.

Because of these techniques, strong emotional responses are inspired in the masses of the public furthering an already noticeable divide in the country. No matter if you are liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, this mentality of I’m-right-their-wrong is childish. Yet you can still switch to any network and find endless political bashing of opposing parties.

Although mainstream media is one of the largest driving factors for outrageous opinions and claims of the public, interestingly enough, the voice of these networks have minimal scholarly merit. Could you imagine if I were to cite a quote of Anne Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, or {insert overpaid dip-shit here} in a research essay? My grade point average would drop harder than Bea Arthur’s tits.

What needs to be understood is that these are the opinions of highly publicized networks. These are not the ideals of the public, yet most of the country openly endorses what they heard this morning on the news. Has creativity evaded the masses? Have we actually lost the ability and courage to come up with our own ideas? Perhaps we have, and mainstream media is to blame.

Before you set your mind to an opinion, be sure to know both perspectives of the issue. This means turning off the one-sided opinions on TV. Accepting things you hear on television and taking them at face value is simply insulting to your own intelligence. Instead, read. Then read some more, and then formulate an opinion only after you’ve acknowledged both sides—objectivity 101.